Author: Sandy Hathaway

Sandy Hathaway is currently a founding partner of, and since 2012 a founder of technology startups RetentionGrid (big data and predictive analytics) and Avari (machine learning and personalization - exited Q4'2015). For 15 years prior to that, she was in strategy, business innovation, go-to-market and growth roles in the medical device industry with U.S. market leader Medtronic and German remote monitoring pioneer BIOTRONIK. Due to her experience with both corporates and startups in heavily regulated and deep tech industries, Sandy offers a blend of perspectives in terms of market access and growth challenges and makes "newco" company building and go-to-market partnerships more effective. She is an advisor to major medtech boards helping to shape digital strategy, a mentor for Startupbootcamp Digital Health in Berlin and an active entrepreneur developing a new startup-as-a-service solution. Sandy is an avid proponent of technologies that will change the world as we know it, including blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, personalized medicine, IoT and augmented self. Technology is progressing faster than it is being implemented in the medical world, and Sandy uses her experiences to better propel medtech, biotech, pharma, healthcare, and other advanced B2B industries into the present by mentoring entrepreneurs, collaborating with industries, and building new companies. Sandy’s passion is working at the intense speed of a startup environment, stretching her limits, and shaking up traditional business models with advanced technology across medtech and other industries. She thrives on solving complex problems that most find unsolvable by bringing together brilliant people. Connect with Sandy to learn more about her unique approach to new ventures and building successful companies.