The connected healthcare ecosystem: Integrating medicine, data and IT

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Healthcare systems have undergone major changes in recent years with the aim of improving care delivery.

Driving the changes are political, social and personal shifts, such as the capping of healthcare expenditures; the financing of innovative medicine; and growing awareness of health and wellbeing among the general population.

Promising national initiatives have been launched in many countries. Norway and Brunei  with their “one citizen – one record” programs; the so-called “Zielsteuerungsvertrag” in Austria and similar programs in Sweden are just a few examples. The accountable care organizations in the United States, coordinated care projects in British NHS trusts and the integration of the healthcare system of Lombardy, Italy, also showcase the trend.

The private (commercial) sector is seeing interesting developments, as well. In recent years, some global players in life sciences have used acquisitions to create an almost complete ecosystem. In addition to their core life sciences business, these…

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